Terms and Conditions

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1. Object

1.1. These contractual Terms and Conditions aim to establish the terms and conditions that will apply to travel service provision organized by Unique Off Course Travels, Lda., a company with registered office at Rua Manuel da Silva, 3, 3 B, in Lisbon, registered in the Companies Registry of Lisbon, with a registration and tax single number 514 451 017, with the share capital in the amount of five thousand euros, with Registration Number 7430 at the Portuguese Register of Travel and Tourism Agencies (RNAVT) (hereinafter referred to as the Agency).

1.2. The terms contained in any Private Conditions, if any, will prevail over the provisions contained in these General Conditions, prevailing over both of them any additional written provisions specially agreed between the Client and the Agency.

1.3. When doing business with the Agency the Client acknowledges and accepts all the established terms and conditions.

1.4. These terms and conditions may be rectified whenever necessary, and apply to all services provided by the Agency, irrespective of their platform, including services rendered online, by email, by telephone or through any mobile device. You should consult this page regularly to ensure that you are familiar with the latest version of the Terms and Conditions. The present Terms and Conditions may be translated into several languages, but in the event of a conflict, the Portuguese version prevails.

1.5. It is absolutely forbidden to use the website for illegal purposes, including modification, reproduction, copying or distribution.

1.6. All the software required for the services provided by the Agency, available or used by its respective website and the Intellectual Property rights (including copyright) of the content published on the website, including, but not limited to: text, logos, images, videos and audio, website structure, text, graphics, banners, buttons, links, among others, are owned by the Agency and its suppliers or providers, unless otherwise stated. Its use, by any means and in any form, is strictly prohibited without the prior and express authorization of the agency. Infringement of the aforementioned rights will result in immediate initiation of legal action against offenders.

1.7. By using the Agency’s services, the customer agrees to comply with all laws, statutes and regulations regarding the use of their services, exempting them from any liability.

1.8. These general conditions comply with the provisions contained in Decree-Law 61/2011 dated May 6th, with the updated wording content.

2. Scope of Agency services

The www.offcoursetravels.com website is a concept of the promotion and sale of services and products to the public, taking advantage of the best that partners can offer, taking into consideration quality levels established by the Agency’s standards.

A technological tool is available through the website, from which partners can advertise their services and products for booking, and visitors/users of the website can formalize their reservations and online purchases through their choices (Hereinafter referred to as “Our Services”).

3. Accuracy of content of the www.offcoursetravels.com website

3.1 Although every effort has been made to make all the information available on the website to be true and accurate, the Agency does not accept responsibility for errors and inaccuracies (typographical errors). No warranty, express or implied, is given that the information provided on the website is error-free.

3.2 While all information made available and introduced by the partners on the website is verified by the Agency within the scope of its respective services, the company is not liable for any errors (including spelling errors), any interruptions (whether they may be due to temporary closing and/or repair, updating or maintenance of the website or any other reason), incorrect information, misleading, false or failure to deliver the information. For this reason, the Agency reserves the right to cancel, change or replace a service on the www.offcoursetravels.com website at any time.

4. Privacy and Cookies

The Agency appreciates the confidence deposited in its services by choosing the www.offcoursetravels.com website to make its service reservations and programs/experiences in Portugal.

The company recognizes the importance of privacy and respects the confidentiality of your personal data (including your credit card information).

Our privacy policy describes how and for what purpose the information you provide is used.
By using our services, you acknowledge and agree to commit to the terms of our privacy policy, which you can access by clicking here.

5. Reservations

5.1. Eligibility

You must be at least 18 years old to make a reservation on the website.

5.2. Useful information

When you register at www.offcoursetravels.com, you must provide accurate and updated information. The Agency is not liable if a reserved service cannot be carried out due to incorrect information. In this case, the price paid may not be reimbursed.

5.3 Number of User Accounts

Registration of more than one user account (username and login) is not allowed for the same person. A user’s account is non-transferable.

6. Reservation

6.1. Confirmation / No confirmation

Tourism in Portugal presents some specificities, in particular with regard to hotel units outside urban centrers: these are mostly small units with a small number of rooms. On the other hand, some activities available on our website require great preparation to ensure the quality of the services provided. For this reason, availability for an immediate reservation may not be guaranteed.

6.2 The reservations are dependent on receiving the providers’ share of the confirmation of all services.

The agency provides you with three ways of making your reservation:

6.2.1. Immediate reservation

The reservation of services and products on the website is immediate, unless you provide invalid and/or incorrect information on your credit/debit card for payment.

Your reservation will be irrevocably binding when you click “Confirm” on our website.

We will send you the confirmation of your booking by e-mail, so you have to provide us a correct e-mail address. Please read carefully and check all information in our confirmation e-mail to ensure that is in compliance with your booking. You must present this confirmation e-mail on your arrival to our partner to enjoy the service you have booked: (i) in the event of an accommodation booking, you must also present your ID card or valid passport at check-in; (ii) for bookings of other types of services, you should arrive on time and, in case you cannot meet at the scheduled time, you should communicate your delay. This delay can lead to cancellation of your booking.

6.2.2. Booking subject to Availability

The booking of services and products in the portal in this case is not immediate (during the process, you will be informed of the deadline date for confirmation).

Your booking will be irrevocably binding when you click “Confirm” on our website.

First, we will send you the details of your booking by e-mail (first e-mail) and later we will send your Booking Status (confirmation or non-confirmation) as soon as the amount due is credited in the Agency’s account. As soon as this happens and deposit is received, a second e-mail shall be sent indicating the state of your booking: “confirmed” or not “confirmed”.

In case of a non-confirmation due to unavailability of dates, we will make every possible effort to provide you with a comparable alternative, but the acceptance of this alternative will naturally be subject to your acceptance. In this case, you will be notified via e-mail and, in the event of accepting, you must also send us an email confirmation.

Please provide us a correct e-mail address so we can deal with this process. Please read carefully and check all information in our emails. You must present these confirmation emails on your arrival to enjoy the service you have booked. We kindly request that you arrive on time and, in case you cannot be present at the scheduled time, you should communicate your delay. This delay can lead to cancellation of your booking.

6.2.3. Tailor made bookings

In this case, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire form. You must provide all the necessary data for your booking. When you submit a “Tailor made” booking, we will make a budget regarding your particular request (e.g. the amount concerning the desired number of nights, services, etc.).

We will send you the confirmation of your booking by e-mail, in a maximum of 48 hours, so it is your duty to provide us a correct e-mail address. Please read carefully and check all information in our confirmation e-mail to ensure that is in compliance with your booking.

In order to guarantee the booking, the Agency will request the payment of the deposit by credit/debit card/PayPal or bank transfer. Please refer to number “7. Payment” in this document.

You must present the confirmation e-mails on your arrival to enjoy the service you have booked: (i) in the event of an accommodation booking, you must also present your ID card or valid passport at check-in; (ii) for bookings of other types of services, you should arrive on time and, in case you cannot attend at the scheduled time, you should communicate your delay. This delay can lead to cancellation of your booking.

7. Payment

7.1. Booking guarantee with credit/debit card/PayPal

When you book services and products through the website, you will have to provide your credit/debit card information as a guarantee for your booking. Your credit card/debit card data will be validated but not charged before the confirmation of availability. The full amount of your booking will be charged to your credit/debit card only after the confirmation of availability of all services. If the confirmation is not immediate, the total price of the booking will be held until the arrival of the confirmation. Payment shall appear on your credit/debit card statement as Unique Off Course travels, Lda.

Please remember that when you make a booking through the website, it will be considered as unconditional and irrevocable authorization and consent of the release of data of your credit/debit card in order to guarantee your booking.

The Agency will not charge any service fee for the processing of payments with credit/debit cards. However, and as it is located in Europe, some banks may charge a transaction fee for international payments with credit/debit cards.

7.2. Booking Guarantee with Bank Transfer

When making a reservation through the website, your must make a 30% deposit of the total booking. The remaining balance must be paid until 45 days prior to arrival date. Payment will be made in Euros (€) at the exchange rate of your country at that time.

Company: Unique Off Course Travels, Lda.
Bank: Santander Totta
IBAN: PT50 0018 0003 4498 0142 020 49

The bank transfer proof should be sent to: bookings@offcoursetravels.com.

The amount transferred must include the fees related to the bank transfer.

7.3. Taxes

Prices shown on the www.offcoursetravels.com website or by other means provided by the Agency (e-mail, phone, chat, skype, etc.) include VAT at the time of booking. Payment shall be made in Euro (€).

7.4. Types of Cards

The Agency accepts the following debit and credit cards: Visa and Mastercard, as well as payment through PayPal.

7.5. Agency Identification

Payments made by credit/debit card will be identified in the account statement as Unique Off Course Travels, Lda.

8. Cancellation and No Show

8.1. Cancellation and No Show terms

The general conditions of cancellations and no show are shown on the portal www.offcoursetravels.com in the area of each service and during the booking process. These conditions are also specified in the booking confirmation email. Please note that certain prices/rates or special offers available on the portal cannot be cancelled or changed.

Whenever you make a booking on the website, you accept and agree with the payment, cancellation and no show conditions, as well as with any additional terms and conditions that may apply to your booking. Please read carefully the payment, cancellation and no show conditions of the tour in question before you complete your booking.

Cancelling a booking with the Agency may entail cancellation fees, specified in the conditions sent by email in the confirmation email.

8.1.1. Credit card payment

Unless otherwise stated (see terms and conditions of each specific tour) the cancellation and no-show policy is as follows:

– Cancellations up to 45 days prior the experience / check-in date: Non-refundable deposit.
– Cancellations less than 45 days before the date of experience/date of check-in or no-show: an amount shall be charged to cover expenses in which the Agency has incurred as well an amount equal to 15% of the total price.

8.1.2. Bank transfer payment

Unless otherwise stated (see terms and conditions of each specific tour) the cancellation and no-show policy is as follows:
– Cancellations up to 45 days prior the experience / check-in date: Non-refundable deposit.
– Cancellations less than 45 days prior the experience / check-in date or no show: a 100% cancellation fee of the total booking price will be charged.
– No show: a 100% cancellation fee of the total booking price will be charged.

8.2. Exceptional cancellations

One of the AGENCY’s partners may cancel a service booked if the weather conditions, governmental, accidental or unavoidable actions or external circumstances jeopardize the fulfillment of the service. This cancellation will be carried out under exclusion of any compensation for damages or other claims under what legal basis whatsoever.

A partner may consider it a “No Show” if the client does not arrive to the place of the experience at the time set as the Starting Time of his or her experience (the time specified in the booking confirmation email). In this case, there will be no basis for a refund.

8.3. Cancellation or change of reservation procedures

If you wish to review, adjust or to cancel your booking, you should follow the instructions provided in the booking confirmation email.

The Agency will process the requested changes with the minimum of delay, however, all changes are subject to availability and, therefore, the Agency cannot guarantee the achievement of any request for reservation changes.

The Agency will not request the cancellation of your original booking, except in case of a schedule change. Otherwise, the original booking must be cancelled and you have to make a new booking. The price applicable to the new booking will be the price at the time of booking. The change of booking or its cancellation may involve additional costs. Please refer to number “8. Cancellation and No Show” in this document.

9. Refunds

No refunds will be paid for any unused service or for any experience that has already started or that does not meet the cancellation periods shown in number “8. Cancellation and No Show”.

Failure to comply with the payment on the date(s) and the value(s) established between the customer and the Agency at the time of booking does not give the customer the right to be reimbursed and gives the Agency the right to proceed to the cancellation of the mentioned reservation.

The failure to provide the expected services at the experiences for reasons not attributable to the Agency and/or its partners, and in case that is not possible to replace them by other equivalent services, does not give the client the right to be refunded for the difference between the price of the expected services and the ones actually rendered.

10. Changes

Whenever there are compelling reasons, the Agency can change the order of the tours/experiences, to change the time of departure or arrival or replace any of the expected hotels by others of a similar category.

11. Impossibility of Compliance

The Agency reserves the right to cancel the organized program if the number of participants is less than the minimum. In such cases, the customer will be informed in writing of the cancellation within seven days.

12. Price changes

The prices shown are based on the costs of the services and exchange rates in effect at the date of publication, so they are subject to changes resulting from variations in the cost of transport or fuel, rights, taxes, rates and exchange rate fluctuations up to 20 days before of the travel date. In the case of currency fluctuations, the calculation shall be made taking into account the difference between the exchange rate in force at the date of publication and the date on which such change is communicated to the customer.

13. Impossibility of Compliance

13.1 If by facts not attributable to the Agency and its partners, the Agency is unable to comply with any essential service in the tour/experience, the Client may terminate the contract or accept in writing a change to the tour/experiences and eventual change in its price.

13.2 If the said facts are attributable to the Agency and its partners determine the cancellation of the trip, the Client may still choose to participate in another organized tour of equivalent price. If the proposed tour/experience to replace the previous one is of lower price, the customer will be reimbursed of the difference.

14. Transfer of the reservations

The Client may give up his reservation, making himself/herself replaced by another person who fulfills all the conditions required for the experience, provided that the Client informs the Agency at least seven days in advance and that the different service providers accept the replacement. The transfer of the reserve holds jointly responsible for the transferor and the transferee for the payment of the experience price and the additional charges arising.

15. Correspondence

Reservation: By booking services and products through the www.offcoursetravels.com website, you will receive a confirmation (via email) message, with all the information about the booking you made (including Terms and Conditions). Upon receipt of the confirmation email, you must carefully read all the information contained therein to ensure that you are in compliance with your booking. It is appropriate that you take this document to the program in question as a guarantee of your reservation. The Agency may refuse the service to any customer who is not able to submit their booking confirmation email at the beginning of their experience.

If you do not receive the email, please check your SPAM folder, or the Promotions folder (if you are using Gmail). If you still have not received the email after a few hours, please contact us at info@offcoursetravels.com to verify the problem and we will resend a new email.

Customer Feedback: At the end of their experience, the agency will send all customers (by email), a short customer feedback form. By completing the form, you agree that the information (text and photographs) can be used wholly or partially on the website or other social media platforms, newsletters, special promotions, applications or other channels, for marketing, promotion or improvement of the service provided by the Agency.

16. Insurance

Travel insurance is not included in the price that is presented to the Client. The Client is responsible for hiring all the insurance inherent to his or her experience. Neither the Agency nor our partners can be held liable for expenses or losses that may occur by acquiring inadequate insurance. We recommend that at the time of booking, you also request adequate insurance for your experience.

In accordance with the current legislation, the Agency’s responsibility is guaranteed with a civil liability insurance with the insurance company Seguradora Fidelidade with insurance policy number 63818584 in the amount of € 75 000,00. The Agency has also contributed to the Travel and Tourism Guarantee Fund (FGVT – DL 61/2011 of 6 May with the wording given by DL 199/2012 of 24 August)

17. Documentation

17.1 The client must have his personal and family documentation valid, (identity card, military documents, minors’ travel authorization, visas, vaccination certificate, and others that may also be required).

17.2 Clients (regardless of their age) traveling inside the European Union must have their respective identification document (passport; ID; Citizen Card);

17.3 In order to have medical assistance they must have their respective European Health Insurance Card;

17.4 Nationals from non-community countries must consult specific information regarding the required trip documentation with embassies/consulates of the origin countries.

17.5 Minors traveling with their parents or authorized by the latter with other adults must have their own identification document; Citizen Card or Identity Card or passport.

18. Complaints

Complaints can only be considered if submitted in writing to the Agency within 30 days after service provision.

19. Legislation and Jurisdiction

The Portuguese law shall govern any disputes that may arise out of the interpretation or execution of these Terms and Conditions. For any legal issue that may arise from this contract, the competent court is court of the District of Lisbon, Portugal.

20. Consumer Dispute Resolution

In order to resolve consumer disputes, the Client may refer to the Lisbon Consumer Dispute Arbitration Centre (http://www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt).