Privacy Policy

Access to Personal Data

Reservations made through our Webpage requires introduction in the system, by USERS, of personal data such as identification, aspects related to their personal preferences, special circumstances affecting them or others, data related to credit and debit cards, used to facilitate and to ALLOW purchase and reservation of specific services contained in the client request, and to provide information regarding products and services of Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd..

Information about philosophical or political beliefs, party or union affiliation, religious faith, private life, and racial or ethnical origin, as well as data related to health and sexual life, including genetic data will never be asked.

Processing of Personal Data is performed in strict compliance with personal data protection legislation as contained in the European Directives 95/46, 2002/58 and 2006/24, in Law n.º 67/98 of 26 October and/or any legislation governing, adding or replacing the above legislation, jointly referred to as “Personal Data Protection Regulation” (hereinafter referred to as RPDP).
Any personal data that, in this system, USERS may disclose to Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd. shall be deemed as having been obtained, processed and transmitted in strict compliance with RPDP.

When supplying their personal data USERS declare that they authorize and consent that Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd. will process their data in order to facilitate and ALLOW purchase and reservation of specific services contained in their request, as well as to receive information related to products and services made available by Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd..

Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd. declares and ensures that they implemented, is equipped with and shall continue to implement security measures of organizational and technical nature necessary to ensure personal data security aiming to AVOID its change, loss, processing and/or non-authorized ACCESS, taking into account the current technology, the nature of the stored data, and the risks to which they are exposed. 

Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd. allows the USER to exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition as legally foreseen. If the USER wishes to EXERCISE his rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition granted by RPDP, he should send an email message to

Processing Personal Data 

Personal Data collected from website login are inserted in a computer application owned by Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd.. Access to information stored in a file by Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd. employees will only be possible through passwords and any registration will be documented.  Any change to existing data stored in files is possible. However, a registration with the date and user code of the employee who made such change shall be kept.

Personal Data are processed with the legally required protection degree in order to guarantee the security of the same and to avoid its change, loss, processing or non-authorized access, taking into account the state of technology, being the USER aware and accepting the Internet security measure are not impregnable.

Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd. is equipped with peripheral control technical infrastructures, namely network firewalls, private circuits and VPN’s that comply with security requirements. Computer Servers are housed in a datacenter operator who provides a Servers’ digital information protection service. This service includes file backup, its maintenance in accordance with the defined policy and restore when requested by Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd..

In order to increase USER security, Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd. uses SSL – Secure Socket Layer technology, which guarantees security in all transactions made with credit card.

This technology encrypts credit card data and transfers them, via internet, in individual modules which will only be brought together later. Credit card data are only used for PAYMENT purposes and, once the transaction is made, are eliminated from our records.

For security purposes that apply to certain countries, flight reservations must include information regarding name, passport number, gender, age, nationality. This information contained in the reservation may, pursuant to the applicable legislation, be consulted by the customs authorities in the origin or destination countries.

Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd. having access to personal data, undertakes to:
– Safekeeping them by means of security measures, legally enforceable, of technical and organizational nature, ensuring its security, thus avoiding its change, loss, processing or non-authorized ACCESS, in accordance with the state of technology at any time, the nature of data and the possible risks to which they are exposed;
– Exclusively USE or APPLY data for the required foreseen purposes;
– Make sure that data is solely handled by employees whose intervention is necessary for the service provision, being subject to keep them confidential. Whenever disclosure of information to third parties may happen, they should be obliged to KEEP them confidential as foreseen in this document.


Due to Internet standards, access to Websites may involve the use of cookies. Cookies are small files recorded in the user’s computer used to IDENTIFY the computer which is connecting to the website. These files have no personal information. Cookies have, in general, a limited time span. Cookies cannot extract information from the user’s computer hard disc, steal personal information, or read cookie files created by other suppliers. Thanks to Cookies, Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd. is able to recognize the duly registered users, provided that they use the same equipment and navigator, with no need for them to login every time they need to have access to the service areas of their own.  The user is free to reject our cookies if the navigator allows it, but doing so may compromise the functionality of Websites.

Purpose of Data

Personal Data are collected with the following purposes:
(i) Wholesale and retail travel agency business;
(ii) Supply to partners involved in services requested by users to finalize a reservation / service purchased by User;
(iii) Management, administration, provision, extension, and improvement of the services which users decide to subscribe and book or to accommodate those services to the preferences and likes of users;
(iv) To VERIFY credit cards and other types if cards used for payment and delivered by USERS;
(v) To study the use of services by users;
(vi) To verify, MAINTAIN and develop statistics systems and analysis;
(vii) Advertisement, promotion and market research if duly accepted by USERS;
(viii) To send surveys which USERS are not obliged to reply;
(ix) To send SMS messages for direct sales, publicity or purposes related to the purchased services.
Users may allow Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd. to process their Personal Data in order to determine their profile and offer appropriate products and services. These services may be Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd. services or third party services.
In addition, the users shall expressly consent that their Personal Data be transferred to:
(i) National and international authorities responsible for tourism, terrorism or offenses against human rights;
(ii) Any legal entity affiliated or owned by Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd. or to the company that has provided the purchased service (hotels, water, road, railway, air, rental, transport company etc.), so that they may use them for a correct service provision requested by users.

On the other hand, users agree on access to information related to the service purchased from Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd. aiming to offer them additional services.

When Personal Data are collected, except as otherwise referred to, users may voluntarily give their Personal Data, although if no data is given, quality and quantity of ordered services will not be affected (except if otherwise referred to). As far as compulsory data is concerned, failure to provide them will hinder access to the service to which data were requested.
Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd. is entitled to disclose USERS information to third parties solely with the purpose of COMPLETING the requested reservation and for administrative reasons pursuant to the legislation in force for completion of trips / service for certain countries.

Any data collected in this way from the Webpage will be disclosed, in accordance with the provisions contained in RPDP, to the entities involved in the purchase of the requested services to the extent necessary for completion of the reservation / service and for compliance with the legislation of the destination Countries.


Please make sure you correctly supplied your credit card data because otherwise your reservation can be postponed and costs may change due to the delay in finalizing your reservation.
Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd. reserves the right to cancel reserved services after confirmation of the reservation if PAYMENT is refused by the credit card issuing entity or if you have supplied incorrect data.

Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd. also reserves the right to make randomized controls in order to minimize fraud with credit cards. Consequently, we may ask you, before the confirmation of the reservation, to supply us, either by fax or by email, with a copy of a document giving proof of your address, as well as a copy of your credit card or the latest account statement. These documents will exclusively be used to CONFIRM the supplied data and will be destroyed as soon as they are no longer necessary.

Should you disagree with the conditions referred to above, Unique Off Course Travels, Ltd. will not be able to do business with you and consequently cannot accept your reservation.