About Us


Based on two core values – excellence and authenticity – we strive to intentionally go off course so that you can truly discover Portugal as a local, not as a tourist, with insider’s access to a whole range of experiences across our beautiful country. We carefully craft each journey to include tested handpicked destinations. Simple. Each tour and experience has been chosen for its commitment to these same values.

Our difference

We live by our name. We go off course to discover places that aren’t open to the general public along with exclusive lodging; we offer state of the art culinary experiences, relaxing picnics or an exquisite dining experience at a manor house with a family that delights in receiving foreign guests. We cater only to private groups, priding in exceptional service and uncompromising attention to details.

Tailor Made

The joy of a tailor made journey is the freedom to apply the DIY concept to your own trip – creating experiences that are extraordinary and itineraries that are unique to you. We’ve designed several suggestions but you can pick and choose until the package is exactly how you’d like it to be. Tailor made lets you plan a trip where you only go where you want to and leave out the bits that you don’t.


Our long Mercedes Class V vans are perfect to transport our clients and their luggage. They’re equipped with free Wi-Fi, double air conditioning, USB and 12V chargers and a minibar. You will find them comfortable and spacious for all your travels.

About Ana

Ana was traveling before she could walk. She was raised in several countries in Europe and North America before attending university in the United States. Throughout the years, she hosted many friends in Portugal and learned that each trip was special and unique precisely because of its experiences and its details.

After 20 years in the marketing area and as an international manager, her past travels prompted her to create Off Course, showcasing the best of Portugal through the eyes of those who know it best: the locals.

Whilst always maintaining an exceptional standard of quality in all areas, what drives her in Off Course is helping create great memories for her clients.

About Luís

Luís began his professional career as an architect in a studio that focused on hotel and tourist condominiums. With an eye for design and aesthetics, he was involved in projects all over Portugal, gaining not only an understanding of the tourism sector but also a direct connection with all of Portugal’s regions.

An avid traveler, in his spare time Luís would also ride his motorcycle in off-road championships and TransPortugal tours. He knows the back roads and the hidden corners.

The Off Course project joins his passion for traveling with the love for his country, giving him a chance to show Portugal from another perspective: one that provides unique experiences that will create lasting memories.